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Scientific study shows that BENEO’s Palatinose™ promotes the use of fat reserves



February 2012 - The results of a recently published scientific study show that BENEO’s low glycaemic carbohydrate, Palatinose™ (isomaltulose), beneficially affects fat utilisation in overweight and obese people*. The study was led by Prof. Daniel König, University of Freiburg, Rehabilitative and Preventive Sports Medicine.

The study reports that by choosing Palatinose™ instead of high glycaemic carbohydrates (e.g. sucrose, glucose syrups or maltodextrin) blood glucose, insulin levels and fat utilisation are beneficially affected. The partial or complete substitution of high glycaemic carbohydrates with Palatinose™ not only reduces the body’s blood glucose and insulin responses to food and drink but also enhances fat utilisation following a meal.  When used in conjunction with calorie counting, the replacement of high glycaemic carbohydrates with Palatinose™ makes it easier for consumers to gain or maintain a healthy weight.  

Anke Sentko, Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Nutrition Communication at BENEO comments: “This study is particularly good news for those in the West trying to fight the overwhelming affects of population obesity.  The findings of this study illustrate that the careful choice of appropriate carbohydrates does in fact support a healthy lifestyle and enables the body to activate its fat stores for energy production.  The study also shows that these results can be achieved with only slight changes to a person’s diet.



Glucose levels, Palatinose versus Sugar