Wolfberry freeze-dried powder

We produce wolfberry freeze-dried powder with high quality goji berries as raw materials.It is good taste, easy to dissolve and easy to keep. The efficacy of goji:
1.It can Improve the immune function and enhance the adaptability of the body
2.Goji has a significant inhibitory effect on the formation and diffusion of cancer cells.The experimental study found that the trace element germanium contained in the goji was obviously inhibiting the cancer cells, which could cause the cancer cell to completely rupture and the inhibition rate was 100%.
3.It can significantly increase the reserve of muscle glycogen,liver glycogen and enhance human vitality, which has the effect of anti-fatigue.
4.It has obvious effect on the proliferation of hematopoietic cells, which can increase the number of white blood cells and enhance the hematopoietic function of the body.
5.The effective components of goji is obvious in treating liver diseases such as chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis.
6. It can improve the ability to absorb oxygen in the skin and maintain beauty and keep young.
7.It can improve sperm count and sperm motility, so it is a significant effect on sexual dysfunction.