Sheep placent freeze-dried powder

Yinchuan Yibaisheng bio-engineering Co., Ltd. is the chinese largest production base of sheep placenta freeze-dried powder,having rich sheep placenta resources,so we only use three months pregnancy.It is good,no pollution.Producing 35 °C below zero , 13-133 pa vacuum, under 40 °C with 42 hours freeze-drying , to an extreme keeping effective active ingredient of the sheep placenta, it is 100% pure sheep placenta products. The characteristics of sheep placenta freeze-dried powder: Extracted by vacuum freeze-drying method, it contains highly active substances:nucleic acid,hyaluronic acid,superoxide dismutase,Vitamin E,Melatonin,lecithin,amino acid vitamin and so on ,so it is widely used in cosmetics manufacturing,health food industry and the pharmaceutical Industry.