Aolin Brand Sheep Placenta Capsule

This product is a health food made from sheep placenta and sheep embryo as the main raw material. It has been proved through function test that this product has health function of ageing deceleration and immune regulation. Main ingredients: sheep placenta,sheep embryo ,vitamin C,coix seed powder and dioscorea opposita powder
Effective ingredients and content Per 100g
Amino acid 0.3g
Total nitrogen 7.7g
Ingredient and Content: Per 100g:Se ≥ 25 ug Zn ≥5mg
Health function: Ageing deceleration、Immunity adjustment.
Applications: Middle age and elder,people with low immunity.
Inapplicability: Young children.
Dosage and Method: 2-3 tablets twice daily in the morning and evening respectively, Better effect on an empty stomach,30-day for a edible period
Specification: 250mg /tablet×72 tablets
Shelf life: 24 monthes
Storage Method: Placed in the cool dry place
Matters required attention: This product can not be instead of medication. Approval Number: WS zheng zi(2002)No.028
Executive Standard: Q/OLYM 0001S-2015
Production Licence: SC1276401060010
The Consignor: Guangzhou Aolin business Co.,Ltd.
Address: Jin Kun Garden 1# C201,Tianhe District,Guangzhou,China
The Consignee: Yinchuan Yibaisheng Muslem Food Co., Ltd.
Address: Kangdi Road 148#,Jinfeng District Industrial Park,Yinchuan,China.
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