Baoshengtang Brand Deer Fetus Evergreen Capsule

This product is a health care food mainly made from angelica, deer fetus, astragalus and rhizoma anemarrhenae.It has been proved through function test that this product has health function of ageing deceleration. Main ingredients: Deer Fetus, Astragalus,Angelica and Rhizoma anemarrhenae
Effective ingredients and content Per 100g
Ferulic acid 15mg
Protein 25.6g
Health function: Ageing deceleration.
Applications: Middle age and elder.
Inapplicability: Young children.
Dosage and Method: Two tablets twice daily in the morning and evening respectively with warm water
Specification: 500mg /tablet×72 tablets
Shelf life: 24 monthes
Storage Method: Placed in the cool dry place
Matters Required attention: This product can not be instead of medication.
Approval Number: WS zheng zi(2002)No.0471
Executive Standard: Q/ABGE0002S-2015
Production Licence: SC1276401060010
The Consignor: Shanghai Baoshengtang Biological Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Address: Xujing Town, lianmin Road, Building 5002,layer 1,Area B,Room 3,Shanghai,China
The Consignee: Yinchuan Yibaisheng Muslem Food Co., Ltd.
Address: Kangdi Road 148#,Jinfeng District Industrial Park,Yinchuan,China.
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